“Seduce me. Write letters to me. And poems, I love poems. Ravish me with your words. Seduce me.”

– Anne Boleyn (via larmoyante)


letter templates 

This is so perfect I can’t even

This is so perfect I can’t even

Dear Laptop

I love you, and you have served me well. I know you know that I’ll soon be replacing you after 5 fantastic years, and I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but I would really appreciate it if you’d do one last thing for me.
Please connect to the Internet. I’m sure you don’t want to lose all favour to my iPod and phone. There’s so many things I can’t do without you.
Please, receive me and receive this. I need you.
Don’t leave me just yet.


The/(My) Female Body: A (not so short) Teenage-Rant.

So.. This is for sure not my most eloquent speech.

I’m ill

I’m ill and I feel so absent. All day I’ve been feeling hot and cold; with aching bones, a rattling cough, and the occasional piercing headache.
You know that feeling where tv isn’t tv anymore, it’s just scenery for the eyes? That was my evening, after I slept all day. Now loneliness consumes me as I can’t find sleep.
In films and in books, I’d have a beautiful boy to message me, and look after me. He would have come round after school or work if he could.
My dad brought me flowers earlier, but I was too delusional to say thank you.
I just wish that some day in the future, some day soon, another man, although hardly yet a man, will love me.
I’ll be perfect for him. I’ll love him, and I’ll soothe him. I’ll smile and laugh even when I feel as shit as this. Today he could have talked to me about anything, and I would have been glad to lend my half-listening ear to his words.
When I’m well though, I’ll listen and understand with every fibre of my being.
But today; I’m ill.

You never really know someone until you’ve read what they write at 3am when loneliness consumes but does not destroy them.